Navigating Known Issues with IntegrationHub

IntegrationHub is a powerful new feature provided by ServiceNow, allowing custom ‘actions’ to support a code-free or minimum code integration with outside systems. Being a new feature, there are some caveats as well as unexplained errors you may encounter either during development or when promoting to a higher environment. This article will cover some of […]

Service Portal Record Watcher

service portal record watcher page

The Service Portal record watcher is a Service Portal utility available for use in the client controller of your service portal widgets. This function gives you the ability to live query a table whenever it is updated in order to provide updates in real time in your widgets. For example, if you wanted to build […]

Accessing Multi-row variables set client side in ServiceNow

Multi-row variable sets (MRVS) are a fairly recent addition to the Service Catalog in ServiceNow, having been introduced in the London release. Unlike a traditional variable set, which is a collection of singular variables, a MRVS allows the population of an arbitrary* number of rows of data, displayed in a table format, with a series […]

Quick dialog boxes with showQuickForm and GlideModalForm

To save time building tedious, custom UI pages, ServiceNow provides two quick methods to display forms and enter data. These are showQuickForm() and GlideDialogForm(). showQuickForm is an on-click function meant to be used in UI actions in order to display a specific form view. This is useful when you need to display specific form fields […]

New Client Scripts in London – DOM Restriction

When viewing the client script or catalog client script forms in London, you will see the following info message. New client-scripts are run in strict mode, with direct DOM access disabled. Access to jQuery, prototype and the window object are likewise disabled. To disable this on a per-script basis, configure this form and add the […]

Loading attachments to ServiceNow from a local machine via Batch Scripting

Migrating from another platform to ServiceNow can be challenging, especially when you need to import large amounts of historical data. One of the biggest challenges in this process is moving attachment files and keeping them with the proper record. Fortunately for us, ServiceNow provides an attachment API that can be leveraged in order to get […]