A seamless, flexible project lifecycle with ServiceNow’s Agile Management 2.0

At Pathways, we understand how some lifecycles of a product or project can become complex and feel disorganized. Using third-party resources for project management or development tools creates added steps just to ensure everything is tracked and maintained in an efficient manner and that comes with the added cost of a manual process.

ServiceNow’s Agile Development 2.0 application provides users an agile software development environment for product-based or project-based efforts, using the scrum framework. You will experience full flexibility to implement a pure agile approach over the entire lifecycle of a project.

The scrum framework contains multiple processes, including a personal backlog. The personal backlog allows a product owner to define and modify the backlog at any time. This backlog shows who is working on specific aspects of the project and at what times, helping to establish a more defined start and end date as well as managing and tracking development queues.

Sprint planning is made much easier by using the Agile Board. Moving development pieces from an established backlog to different sprints is made easy by dragging and dropping items into the correct sprint.

This methodology breaks up the project into small, manageable chunks that are maintainable throughout the project cycle. Once a task is complete, you can move on if it seems to be working well. If not, you will know immediately that a new phase needs to be built and broken up into a cyclical task.

At Pathways, we utilize this feature internally to track our backlog of ServiceNow enhancements and other development work in our own instance to manage sprints and releases effectively.

Find out how Pathways can help your organization roll out Agile Management 2.0 and increase your team’s productivity while also saving you time!