women in business

Why you should support a woman-owned business

*We use binary terms in this post due to a lack of data, but trans and non-binary people often face similar struggles to those highlighted here. Unfortunately, not enough research has been done to demonstrate how they face discrimination and bias in the workplace.

Pathways Consulting Group is a woman-owned business enterprise offering a range of services to companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. The company was founded by Mary Manzo and Jeff Giovinazzo over a decade ago and has since grown to become a leading consulting firm for ServiceNow solutions, services, and support. 

Supporting women-owned businesses is more critical now than ever before. Women entrepreneurs face many obstacles, including access to capital, discrimination, and gender bias. Despite these challenges, women-owned businesses are an essential part of the economy and have a significant impact on job creation, economic growth, and innovation. We can create a more equitable and inclusive society by supporting businesses like Pathways Consulting Group.

Support the economy

According to Washington State University, women-owned businesses generate approximately 10% more revenue than men. They also tend to pay themselves less, so where does that extra money go? One place is back into their company, helping employees and providing higher-quality materials. 

Women run nearly 1.3 million businesses in the United States alone. Those businesses generate $1.9 trillion in revenue annually. They often create positive work environments with happier employees, which attracts diverse talent and ideas. That, in turn, speeds up company growth and expansion, which allows leadership to invest more in the company. By supporting women in business, we can help ensure our economy is more diverse and inclusive, leading to more innovation and better outcomes for everyone. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. 

Close the gap

The wage gap hasn’t gone anywhere, but it has changed. Generally, women can expect to make about 82 cents for every dollar a man makes. But that’s the very broadest definition. The wage gap also exists across races, with black women expected to earn a measly 61 cents to the dollar. 

But this isn’t just about the wage gap. According to CNBC, women only make up about 5% of CEO positions and less than 10% of executive director and board chair positions. At Pathways, we aren’t just interested in bringing more women into the workforce. We want to see more women at the highest levels of business. Women in business find themselves fighting against the tide and branching out into entrepreneurship as a result.

Invest in community

One of the biggest reasons to support women-owned businesses like Pathways is that we help promote diversity and inclusion in the business world. Women-owned companies are less likely to receive funding and support from investors and financial institutions than their male counterparts, making it harder for them to succeed. By supporting a women-owned business, we help level the playing field and ensure they have the resources and support they need to thrive.

Women-owned businesses are more likely to give back to their communities. Women entrepreneurs are often motivated by a desire to make a positive impact on their community, and they use their businesses as a platform to effect change. Supporting these businesses can create a more compassionate and caring society.

Supporting women with Pathways

Pathways Consulting Group is proud to be part of the 5% of women CEOs and a premier provider of ServiceNow solutions, services, and support. We believe that women in leadership creates a trickle-down effect to diversify ideas and hiring practices. By supporting women, we are investing in the success of our communities, promoting gender equality, and reducing gender bias. We can all play a role in supporting women entrepreneurs. Choose to do business with women-owned companies, invest in women’s start-ups, and advocate for policies that support women’s entrepreneurship. Let us work together to create a more inclusive and equitable society where everyone can thrive.