What is Enterprise Service Management? It’s more common than you think

Our COO Mary Manzo is commonly asked – what exactly is Enterprise Service Management? Simply put, Enterprise Service Management is the concept of automating the process by which any request in your organization is submitted, approved and fulfilled. As an example, suppose your organization brings on a new employee who needs a laptop on their first day. It sounds like a simple expense, but in reality, it involves a number of individuals.

This one request will involve Human Resources, the hiring manager, IT, Finance, Procurement, Shipping and Receiving. While this would be considered a simple request, it is actually just the tip of the iceberg. Every day, IT organizations are bombarded with a number of simple requests. With ESM, all of these requests are streamlined, standardized and automated right in the Cloud, simplifying what would otherwise be a complex process. Everything is essentially handled behind the scenes so that you and your coworkers aren’t consumed with all the details.

Similar to ordering a pair of shoes on Amazon, after a few clicks you are on your way to receiving a brand-new pair of shoes at your doorstep within a few days. While the process appears simple and quick, behind the scenes, your order is being processed by the buyer, the warehouse, the shipping department and most likely additional departments as well.

The same thing goes for Enterprise Service Management. Whether it be getting a new laptop, hiring a new employee, aligning your entire project portfolio or any of the countless tasks that are handled every day in every department, Enterprise Service Management is a cost-effective method of simplifying and satisfying all company requests. The quick and efficient process allows employees to focus more energy on their jobs, and not on complex tasks.

If you are experiencing challenges in your organization you feel ESM could solve, Mary would love to share how she can get you started. With Pathways Consulting Group, clients have been able to improve service delivery while lowering costs by leveraging ESM applications like ServiceNow. For more information, you can reach Mary at mary@pathwayscg.com.