We Care: Participating in our local Adopt-A-Family program

No child deserves to wake up on Christmas morning, questioning why Santa didn’t make it to their house.

A big thank you to the Catherine McAuley Center in Scranton, PA, who introduced us to their annual Adopt-A-Family program – a nationwide initiative that helps underprivileged families have the means to celebrate Christmas. The Scranton location alone has taken in 225 families this year, so it took no hesitation for us to take two of those families under our wing.

The Adopt-A-Family program was established at Catherine McAuley in 1991 when volunteers noticed hundreds of families couldn’t afford to have a good Christmas. Since then, they made it their goal to make sure these families were provided the toys, clothing and goods they deserved. Last year alone, the program assisted over 1,700 families in our tri-county area!

Following an amazing team effort, we collectively raised enough money to purchase everything on the Christmas wish lists that our two families provided. We even had extra funds which we used to make a second trip and buy some additional toys!

We couldn’t be more excited to know that 11 Christmas mornings will be so much brighter because of the collective efforts of our wonderful team. Each gift was individually wrapped and labeled “From Santa”. There were so many gifts that on the day of the drop-off, it took seven team members and four trips to get everything packed into the cars!



The Catherine McAuley Center is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a safe space for women and children in crisis. Our company wide We Care Community Outreach Program values the importance of giving back to local organizations and with the approaching holiday season, we are more than happy to help spread the kindness! Are you interested in participating in an Adopt-A-Family program near you? Click here to find out more!