We Care: Our proceeds to United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania

As part of our company wide We Care community outreach program, our team at Pathways has just wrapped up another successful drop-off of donations to the United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania!

In the month of May, we raised over $700 as a team, which was used to contribute 12 pairs of steel-toed work boots, 30 towels, a dozen pillows and other bulk purchases of common necessities like underwear, socks, t-shirts and toiletries!

“It was great and humbling,” said Senior Technical Consultant Ken Wehrmann. “People were trying to get it as we were bringing it in.”

United Neighborhood Centers is one of the largest and longest operating nonprofit organizations in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Their purpose is to assist local low-income families, seniors and youth in meeting their everyday needs while also empowering them to attain self-sufficiency. United Neighborhood Centers offers a variety of programs that are continuously adjusted to fill the gaps that exist in local services. These programs include community services, child care, youth programs, active older adult programs, community education & revitalization, community health and a housing/community development corporation.

According to the United Neighborhood Centers website, nearly 20,000 hot meals were served to seniors in their four active older adult community centers in 2018. Volunteers also provided more than 7,000 hours of ESL and related education for recent immigrants and delivered over 6,300 food packages to families in need. Overall, 95% of students in their Leaders in Training program progressed successfully into the next grade level or reached graduation status – all thanks to volunteer assistance!

If you are interested in making a contribution, United Neighborhood Centers collects gently used clothing and nonperishables to distribute to visitors through their food and clothing pantry called Angie’s Attic. They are also looking to collect used bicycles for their program dedicated to adults who cannot afford cars to commute to/from work.

At Pathways, it is our pleasure as a team to engage with such a wonderful, heartfelt organization whose mission is to provide our neighbors with services and created opportunities to build a stronger and more interdependent community. United Neighborhood Centers truly empowers these individuals, remaining true to their vision of addressing emerging social needs while becoming an innovative leader in building these environments. For more information on United Neighborhood Centers, visit their website here.