We Care: Our appreciation for the Catherine McAuley Center of Scranton, PA

Due to the rules and regulations following COVID-19, small businesses and nonprofit organizations have taken some of the biggest hits. As part of our We Care community outreach program, we wanted to place an extra focus on a local organization who was heavily impacted by this new way of life.

The Catherine McAuley Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania relied heavily on fundraisers and volunteer-based events but unfortunately, had to put a halt on these gatherings due to social distancing. This limited the number of donations received which in turn affected their residents and their needs. For over two years, we have maintained a strong relationship with their team and couldn’t be happier to continue this partnership.

The CMC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide as many women and children a safe space and the necessary support to help navigate a path towards a better life. Through educational and supportive services that promote stability, skill-building, and connection, offering hope and opportunity.

These women and children relied on donations to supply their food, hygiene products, clothes, bedding, linens and more. To help supply as many as these items as we could, our team made online monetary donations as well as purchases on Amazon that were able to be sent right to their location!

Since social distancing guidelines began in March, our team has contributed a total of over $3,300! We could not thank the Catherine McAuley Center enough for doing their best to shed some light during these times of heavy uncertainty. It has been a pleasure helping these families focus more on each other than on basic needs.

If you would like to donate to the Catherine McAuley Center, click here. 

“Truthfully, any support – whether monetary or household items – means the world to us and to the families we care for. We can’t thank you and everyone at Pathways Consulting enough for reaching out to us! You are an amazing group, and we are so grateful.” – Jenny, Catherine McAuley Center