We Care: Friends of the Poor Update

As part of our We Care initiative, our team completed our first round of drop-offs to Friends of the Poor. Friends of the Poor is a local, non-profit organization located in Scranton, PA who specializes in providing everyday necessities like clothing, food, furniture and toiletries to help ease the burden of life for individuals who are living in poverty.

Some of our donations included five boxes of non-perishable foods and an entire box full of men’s new undergarments. When dropping off the items, members of our team met with Meghan Loftus, the President of the organization. Meghan expressed how thankful she was for our contributions, excited to continue working with us for our We Care initiative.

As the President of the organization, Meghan is someone who oversees many of the effects these donations have. Megan mentioned how appreciative she was of our men’s clothing donation, saying many men who visit the organization are coming straight out of prison, and therefore do not own the necessary clothing to start jobs – many of which are laborious.

For the month of March, our team will continue collecting donations, specifically focusing on Men’s clothing items, such as casual sneakers and work boots. Additionally, the Pathways team will collect monetary donations in addition to the wish-list of items.

At Pathways, we take the time to consider where our used clothing goes when donating to charity. When placing bags of clothes into a large donation bin, how do we know our contributions have helped? At Friends of the Poor, you see first-hand how appreciative your items are, leaving the organization reassured that you helped make a positive difference in someone’s life.

To learn more about Friends of the Poor and their role in the community, including how you can volunteer, click here.