Using Category and Subcategory on ServiceNow Record Producers

Use Case:

We recently had a client that wanted us to create an incident ServiceNow record producer with some of the same functionality as the portal record producer. Specifically, adding a Category and Subcategory field and having the Subcategory choices limited to only display choices associated with the selected Category. To properly have the Subcategories filter based on the Category a user selects, we need to use Lookup Select Box and ref_qual_elements attribute on the Subcategory field.

Work Steps:

  1. The first thing we need is a Lookup select box on the record producer for Category.


  1. The next piece is to set up our Subcategory field.


  1. Lastly, we will add our ref_qual_elements field to our “Default Value” Tab.


Once these items are in place, your Category and Subcategory fields on your record producer on ServiceNow will be functional and the Subcategory field will dynamically be filtered and driven by the Category field.

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