Upgraded NYC Financial Client from Jakarta to London ServiceNow Release

Pathways has successfully completed a complex domain-separated ServiceNow upgrade going from Jakarta to London. After putting a methodical process in place for the long-time NY Financial client the Pathways’ team was able to upgrade the client’s outdated instance in just under 3 weeks.

With Jakarta beginning to phase out, the client was experiencing a number of challenges. As a ServiceNow user for over six years, they were familiar with the significance of upgrading to new releases but were hesitant to make the change due to several active in-flight projects. If not handled carefully, upgrading to London could have significantly impacted the projects, increased blackout windows and ultimately, their business.

The client having over 20 implemented business applications and 14 integrations – 10 being very critical to their business, all in a domain environment – made for a very complex upgrade. Members of the Pathways team and the client team timed the upgrade perfectly and followed our proven methodology for performing upgrades. Thanks to the client who created and maintained their own regression test cases, the team was able to stick to aggressive timelines and finished timely and successfully.

Together, we have helped this client successfully transition through four upgrades overtime. Based off the collaboration, teamwork and continuous improvement, each upgrade has become increasingly more streamlined and efficient.

As a long-time partner with ServiceNow, our team at Pathways has built a proven methodology for performing upgrades allowing us to complete the upgrade lifecycle in some cases as little as two weeks. This is a significant value to our clients and why Pathways is considered upgrade experts.