Top of the line data protection with ServiceNow Security Operations

Think about how often you shop at stores like Target. How many times would you say you have swiped your card at the register? Now imagine that entire company suffering a data breach – is your credit card information safe?

Unfortunately, Target faced this reality back in December 2013 when 40 million of their customers had their credit card accounts hacked, as well as 110 million stolen sets of personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers. This data breach was significant at the time because it introduced the retail industry as a whole to this new type of crime.

A data breach occurs when a hacker, unauthorized user or other cybercriminal manages to infiltrate your company’s database or your personal network to gain access to sensitive or personal information. This can range from credit card numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers, banking information, etc.

Fast forward to today – Target has built a leading cybersecurity model that spans across the entire enterprise with a team that works around the clock to ensure that all customer information is safe a secure. This didn’t come easy, but because of their uphill battle they are now able to pass on their insights to help other companies avoid such a harsh dilemma.

If your company becomes the victim of a data breach, many emotions run wild – anger, fear, frustration, terror, the list goes on. The repercussions following a data breach can range from a damaged reputation, lost customers, or a huge financial hit – otherwise known as the trifecta of a business owner’s worst nightmare. The course of legal action isn’t so smooth sailing either….

Data breaches have become more presently common due to the increasing number of various devices and networks that companies are using to connect with their staff. Additionally, hackers are becoming more resourceful with their cyber tactics and are therefore leaving companies more vulnerable than ever if no tactical security measures are developed and put in place.

One of the most important prevention methods to take note of is to ensure you have chosen the right cloud service with efficient backup and disaster recovery plans. ServiceNow’s Security Operations will replace what is otherwise a manual process into an automated system. SecOps will help you prioritize, identify, respond and remediate any vulnerabilities and other security threats while simultaneously unifying processes across IT, security and risk teams. This will significantly accelerate incident response to potential threats and even better – no more manual processes!

Here is a more visual representation of how that process looks:

Should a security breach affect your company, time is of crucial value. Our team of ServiceNow Elite Partners can help you get up and running to ensure your protection and help you avoid these potential nightmares. For more information, contact a member of our team here.