Tech Watch: Mary Manzo discusses the lack of women in tech

The number of women in the field of technology is just a fraction compared to the amount of men.

In the mid-1980s, women made up 37% of computer science degrees. Today, they only make up about 20%. Additionally, they make up less than 20% of U.S. tech jobs.

In fact, as of 2018 there are only 23 female CEO’s on the Fortune 500 list for the nation’s leading companies.

There have been so many strong female leaders in the technology field who were visionaries and problem solvers who changed the direction of technology as we know it today.

One of these women was Ada Lovelace, who developed a computer algorithm that didn’t previously exist and is now considered one of the first computer programmers in history.

Another was Dr. Erna Hoover, whose 1971 patent for her telephone-switching program was one of the first software patents ever issued.

With several examples of strong women influencing technology, why is there now such a reduction of women in this space?

Through results of various behavioral studies, women have been proven to be excellent problem solvers, multitaskers and relationship builders, which are all imperative qualities in the tech field. It is also important to trust one’s intuition, seek challenges and be persuasive while maintaining an equally-minded perspective.

When men and women work together successfully, studies show that the result is a more innovative workplace.

Let’s face it, innovation in technology is critical! Women in technology, where are you??

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