Successful two-week transition from Kingston to Madrid

A recent Pathways client faced a mandatory upgrade to Madrid in order to remain compliant with ServiceNow’s upgrade cycle. While some clients often get lost in the planning and execution for their upgrades, our team spent time walking them through the process and took their instance from Kingston to Madrid in just two weeks.

When implementing critical business applications, this process usually takes 3-4 weeks to be completed. Our team was operating under an accelerated timeline to get project activity back on track quickly while reducing the overall blackout window. The client project team’s resources were eager to understand the phases of the upgrade process and contributed greatly to the overall success of the effort.

Within two weeks, the client became capable of performing the necessary upgrade steps, which included significant validation. They were able to hit the ground running with a newly upgraded platform, enjoying new antivirus scanning, coaching and mobile enhancements. Above all, the upgrade caused a minimal amount of downtime, allowing the client to keep all in-flight projects on target.

At Pathways, we attribute this success to a proven system and project plan that has been built and evolved over eight years of experience. Each project comes with this fixed plan our team has used multiple times, and we are confident it will execute upgrades quickly and successfully every time. The project experience as a whole left the client feeling confident in anticipating their next platform upgrade.