Success Story: Retail

ServiceNow Express to Enterprise

Our team at Pathways recently worked with a client in the retail industry who was facing several challenges with an outdated, broken instance.

The client was using what is formerly known as ServiceNow Express, which was then upgraded to ServiceNow Enterprise. When a previous partner came in and performed the initial implementation, they were not efficient in setting them up for easy upgrades and future configurations. This left the client with a platform that was not configured to best practices, which led to a lot of customization and ultimately an unmaintainable environment.

After bidding against two competing partners, Pathways won the client’s trust and were able to begin an initial analysis of the platform. This is when our team discovered they had an instance that was not salvageable and needed to be reimplemented.

Having gone through this exact process with a past client, our team made the confident determination that we were going to completely zBoot their instance, re-setting everything back to the factory settings and removing all data. We then upgraded their new instance to Madrid and built to their process so they could fully utilize every benefit and their licensing.

The client was extremely open to all of our recommendations, making sure they were asking the right questions in order to benefit from our guidance. They had a highly skilled Project Manager on their team who was familiar with ServiceNow, making for seamless coordination between Pathways and the client.

The client can now utilize ServiceNow to its fullest potential with an instance that is maintainable and set up using best practices. With better transparency and the ability to report on key metrics, the streamlined process will ensure better internal customer satisfaction and adoption of the platform.