So you have a lot of remote employees. Here’s how we maintain company culture

With new, innovative technology taking the modern workplace by storm, this has transformed the usual 9 to 5 routine into opportunities for employees to log on from wherever they are.

As a company, it’s important to include your remote employees into company culture rather than having them feel isolated. Understanding the importance of investing in your employees and setting them up with the right tools will help boost the chances of having an engaged workforce, higher retention rates and in the end – provide better business results!

According to Forbes, the top three ways to maintain company culture with remote employees is through trust, communication and bringing the team together. When your employees feel valued while having the opportunity to work in a flexible work environment, you are investing in the employee’s comfort, happiness and productivity.

At Pathways, we enjoy showing our employees how much they matter. Leveraging current communication technologies like video conferencing and instant messaging, our remote team members feel like they’re on-site. Some other ways we ensure our remote employees are incorporated into company culture is through:

– Annual full-day end-of-year company conference
– Company-wide events (health and wellness contests, community outreach efforts, etc.)
– Frequent email announcements to all employees
– Company-wide video conference calls
– Opportunity for remote employees to work from company headquarters
– Weekly supervisor touchpoint

Does your organization have an inclusive culture surrounding your remote employees? Let us know how you engage with your teammates!