Smooth-sailing test cases with Test Management 2.0 from ServiceNow

Using third-party resources to perform test cases is not always a smooth-sailing process. Some defects may be difficult to track, thus creating a time-consuming, manual process as well as a headache for developers.

With Test Management 2.0 from ServiceNow, developers will find that performing test cases is practically effortless. This application

Operated within a spreadsheet or elsewhere makes it incredibly difficult for developers to track and manage defects and where they occurred, creating a more time-consuming, manual process when trying to associate the testing breaks with the incidents themselves.

With Test Management 2.0, users will feel confident when releasing new enhancements and development work, knowing where it was tested and who it was tested by. With the ability to locate where the exact failure occurred inside the test and which step it was failed on, the user can take the necessary steps to improve that section of the enhancement and remediate the defects.

At Pathways, we utilize Test Management 2.0 for our own instance improvements, which helps us manage the planning and execution of our tests to ensure everything is smooth-running for our valued clients. If you think Test Management 2.0 is a solution that will benefit your team, contact us here for more information.