ServiceNow upgrades down to a science: How the Pathways methodology works

As a ServiceNow Services partner since 2012, our team has had our fair share of experience when it comes to performing version upgrades for both ourselves and our clients. After spending years figuring out every last detail around the typical upgrade process, our team was able to establish a proven methodology that results in a smooth, successful go-live.

When a new ServiceNow release is launched, there’s an abundance of new features that can help an organization operate more efficiently. However, if an organization doesn’t have a solid methodology for performing upgrades, there are some common pitfalls that they may encounter. This could range between settings being reverted back to the original default losing its customization, important data gets erased, or critical applications stop working.

Our team at Pathways has guided more than 40 organizations through these common issues and more that arise when projects are paused, team members are repurposed, and technical debt begins to rise. We will step in to answer any questions and ensure a smooth launch with existing and new functionality co-existing in an upgraded instance.

One of the first things our team does during the upgrade process is write up test cases to establish baseline testing documentation. This is to ensure different instances of ServiceNow (typically development, testing and production) are all in sync and are tested for functionality before going live. Our process includes this documentation so upgrades can be performed as efficiently as possible.

With our “teach to fish” approach, this documentation also allows our clients to understand the new features, bugfixes and gives them their own expertise if they want their admins to handle upgrades going forward.

Instead of facing an abrupt series of steps and challenges during an upgrade, leverage Pathways’ expertise as your ServiceNow upgrade experts. Looking to get started with a smooth transition to New York? Contact a member of our team here.