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ServiceNow implementation strategies: Key considerations for success

ServiceNow is a powerful platform, but the sheer breadth of content available can make implementation daunting. Navigating this complex landscape requires a well-defined strategy and the right partner. ServiceNow is designed to work for your entire company, making it incredibly robust and versatile. However, the broad scope can make the implementation process seem overwhelming.

That is why it is so important to have a well-established plan to work through your ServiceNow implementation. A partner who specializes in ServiceNow can help establish a roadmap to help set up your instance, train your staff on the aspects of the platform they will use regularly, configure the build to fit your organization and act as a source of knowledge and information if you run into issues. Pathways Consulting Group, as a certified woman-owned ServiceNow Elite Partner, can help streamline the entire process.

  1. Align your strategy with your goals

Before beginning the ServiceNow implementation journey, it is important to establish and communicate what you want from the platform.  

Are your goals to:

  • Boost operational efficiency?
  • Enhance employee experience?
  • Drive digital transformation?

Clarity on these goals will help create guidelines for the implementation process and prevent unnecessary configurations. 

  1. Set clear short and long-term goals

Short-term goals, like automating onboarding, provide early wins and feedback. Long-term goals, like increasing revenue, guide larger strategic decisions. Pathways’ Business Analysts can help you define these goals and track them for maximum success.

  1. Build a strong governance team

Your governance team acts as the foundation of your ServiceNow implementation. It should be comprised of key internal stakeholders and ServiceNow experts. Working together, this team should establish the best practices for the system’s use within your organization, ensure budget adherence, and establish a guide for future upgrades and roadmap. Essentially, the governance team is responsible not just for the implementation, but for creating a plan for future use of the platform.

  1. Partner with certified ServiceNow experts

Choosing the right ServiceNow partner is crucial. Pathways boasts extensive ServiceNow expertise. We have helped organizations all over the globe since 2010 to:

  • Collaborate seamlessly with our dedicated implementation team.
  • Leverage our proven methodologies for successful ServiceNow deployments.
  • Train staff on their daily use of the platform with role-specific modules.
  • Maintain the platform as your organization grows and changes, ensuring it remains relevant and useful far into the future.
  1. Prioritize employee onboarding and training

Effective adoption is crucial for maximizing ROI. Pathways offers comprehensive ServiceNow training programs for end-users, fulfillment teams, trainers, and executives. At Pathways, our trainers don’t rely on external platforms and training materials. The best support comes from an expert understanding of the platform and customized resources. We provide both, in the form of tailored, role-based training modules and comprehensive documentation for reference. 

Pathways Consulting Group: Your Trusted ServiceNow Partner

From strategy development to post-implementation support, Pathways is your one-stop shop for a successful ServiceNow journey. We offer:

  • Experienced and certified ServiceNow consultants
  • Proven implementation methodologies
  • Comprehensive training and adoption programs
  • Cutting-edge technology 
  • Ongoing support and optimization services

Unlock the full potential of the ServiceNow platform

Don’t settle for generic training or cookie-cutter documentation. Partner with Pathways Consulting Group today and unlock the full potential of the platform – and your organization. Contact us at 917-952-5004 to schedule your implementation today!