ServiceNow: Customer experience predictions for 2024

The future of ServiceNow customer experience (CX) is here, and it’s changing as rapidly as the technology supporting it. With disruptions reshaping customer operations and service delivery, organizations are turning to innovative solutions like ServiceNow and generative AI to meet the changing demands of their clients. 

But what is ServiceNow, and how will it give you a leg-up in the current market? ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform known for its suite of business process automation solutions. By utilizing SerivceNow’s capabilities, organizations can streamline their overall operations, improve their interdepartmental efficiency, and provide a seamless, omnichannel experience at every touchpoint of the customer’s journey. Let’s dive into the top customer experience predictions for 2024 and explore how ServiceNow and Pathways Consulting Group can help you navigate these emerging trends. 

Moving on to platform powerhouses

Fragmented solutions and siloed information are an era of a bygone age. In 2024, organizations will be cleaning up and decluttering their CX stack, replacing individual solutions with integrated platforms. The ServiceNow platform’s robust features and flexibility allow companies to consolidate their engagement channels, giving both customers and staff a comprehensive view of the customer journey.

AI-powered automation

Generative AI was the buzzword for 2023, and that trend is expected to continue for 2024. The rise of AI and advanced automation will mark a new age when it comes to CX processes, allowing organizations to eliminate bottlenecks and improve company-wide efficiency. ServiceNow introduced their generative AI model, Now Assist, with their Vancouver upgrade, and Pathways helped lead the way – attending exclusive testing and development programs with ServiceNow’s developers before the upgrade’s release. Now Assist comes with predictive intelligence and process mining capabilities, allowing organizations to further automate their workflows, assign tasks, and resolve internal and external issues proactively. 

Workforce optimization

Most organizations are facing an ever-growing litany of growing demands, coupled with restrained resources. This used to be a recipe for burnout, but ServiceNow’s workforce optimization features allow these firms to do more with less. CX leaders are expected to turn to these optimization tools and features to tackle workloads and talent-related challenges. ServiceNow encourages accurate forecasting and skill-based task allocation, allowing organizations to maximize their productivity. 

Customer retention focus 

In 2024, the talent gap is expected to continue. As a result, organizations will prioritize customer retention as one of the key drivers of growth. ServiceNow’s AI-powered platforms enable organizations to nurture relationships, optimize service processes, and deliver a cohesive ServiceNow customer experience across the customer lifecycle, fostering loyalty and driving business success.

Cloud migration acceleration 

The push to move to cloud-based software continues! Enterprises will accelerate their migration to the cloud, leveraging ServiceNow’s scalability, flexibility, and security. By harnessing AI and robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities, organizations can find new ways to develop inter-departmental teams and promote a seamless customer experience. For those looking for ways to improve customer loyalty, this is a necessary step. 

Agile, scalable platforms 

Customer service organizations will continue the move to agile, scalable platforms, leaving complex point solutions behind. ServiceNow’s platform provides the toolbox, but Pathways is the contractor implementing the environment’s turnkey integrations, low-code tools, and out-of-the-box solutions. Working with a certified Elite partner like Pathways Consulting Group empowers organizations to achieve a faster ROI, increased platform value, and enterprise-wide digital transformations.

Industry-specific solutions 

Industries that haven’t already will begin to embrace vertical-specific CX solutions. ServiceNow’s industry-specific capabilities enable easy, UX-friendly integration with specialized systems and applications, so organizations can continue to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Generative AI adoption 

As organizations continue to expand the use of generative AI (GenAI), they’ll harness its capabilities to enhance agent productivity and streamline their service operations. ServiceNow’s gen AI module, Now Assist, gives users a new variety of tools, such as case summarization and task optimization, enabling organizations to deliver personalized, efficient service experiences that drive customer satisfaction.

Ready to unlock the power of ServiceNow and transform your customer experience? Stop googling “What is ServiceNow” and contact Pathways Consulting Group today. Our experts will walk you through the entire process, whether you’re still working on the integration or you need support with maintenance and upgrades. Work with Pathways Consulting Group to learn all about our ServiceNow services and get started on your journey to CX excellence.