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ServiceNow benefits that will transform your company’s customer service

Maintaining a competitive edge means high-end, exceptional customer service is non-negotiable. Your CRM is the cornerstone of fostering strong relationships with your current and potential customers and building brand loyalty. However, achieving excellent customer service means more than friendly, knowledgeable staff and fast response time. Take your CRM to the next level with ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM), part of their cloud-based solution designed to streamline the entire customer service operation and provide your clients with a seamless consumer experience. 

How to improve customer service with ServiceNow

Organizations are constantly looking for new ways to improve service delivery and exceed customer expectations. Doing so requires efficient processes, streamlined workflows, and personalized, omnichannel customer experiences. Making use of ServiceNow’s CSM platform in a time when personalized content is no longer sufficient means engaging with experts in the field, such as Pathways Consulting Group. The ServiceNow platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities that revolutionize the way organizations interact with their customers. 

Redefining efficiency 

Time is money, and ServiceNow helps you save both. The benefits of ServiceNow extend to include automation capabilities that reduce the workload of routine tasks like ticket routing, issue escalation, and response prioritization, allowing your employees to spend their time focusing on issues that help move the entire company forward. The specific automation tasks can be adjusted with proper configuration during setup. This allows organizations to free up valuable time and focus on more complex customer issues.

Effectively handle repetitive tasks

Repetitive tasks are an unavoidable aspect of CRM. These are not only time-consuming but are also often prone to errors. ServiceNow’s CSM platform automates various employee tasks while also providing customers with a self-service portal, reducing the time spent on these mundane but necessary tasks. With this automation, ServiceNow allows your team to focus on the high-value activities that drive customer satisfaction and business growth.

Reduced human error

Human error is inevitable, but CSM automation can help minimize its prevalence and impact. By automating manual processes and standardizing workflows, ServiceNow helps reduce errors in customer service operations. Whether it’s updating client records, processing orders, or resolving service tickets, ServiceNow ensures the tasks are executed accurately and efficiently, improving the overall quality of service delivery.

Improved efficiency and streamlined processes

The true benefits of ServiceNow’s CSM program lie in the platform’s ability to streamline workflows and processes across departments and customers, ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient issue resolution. By centralizing data and communication channels, ServiceNow eliminates information silos and enables cross-functional teams to work together. A centralized repository tracks all customer tickets, allowing different departments easy access and summaries, enabling each staff member access to the most updated information as soon as they begin speaking with the client. This improved collaboration translates to faster issue resolution, reduced downtime, and ultimately, happier, loyal customers.

Interdepartmental integrations: Breaking down information silos

ServiceNow acts as a unifying platform that works across various departments, including IT, HR, finance, and so much more! By breaking down departmental silos and fostering cross-functional collaboration, Pathways works with your organization’s stakeholders and ServiceNow to ensure all teams are aligned with and working toward the common goal of delivering exceptional customer service. 

Proactive issue detection and resolution

ServiceNow’s advanced analytics and reporting capabilities enable businesses to identify and address potential issues before they escalate. By analyzing data trends and performance metrics in real-time, ServiceNow helps businesses proactively detect and resolve issues, minimizing service disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted customer experiences. This proactive approach enhances reliability and instills confidence in your customers.

Elevate your customer service with ServiceNow

Don’t just meet expectations, exceed them. 

Pathways works with clients to demonstrate how the ServiceNow CSM program anticipates customer needs and delivers services to meet those needs, turning the search for “how to improve customer service” into a distant memory. Contact Pathways Consulting Group today to learn how Pathways helps organizations improve their customer experience with CSM. Unsure how to get started? CSM services are just the tip of the iceberg! Our customizable ServiceNow training path can help organizations learn how to take full advantage of the platform and take you from surviving – to thriving.