ServiceNow as an intranet portal: How we use it

Are you utilizing ServiceNow as an intranet portal?

Here at Pathways, we’ve been capitalizing on our environment as a one-stop shop for our internal teams to access our Knowledge articles and view our upcoming events and initiatives. Additionally, we’ve been able to have our teams submit various requests and report issues — all on a single page.

We’ve found that our ServiceNow-based portal has helped us achieve clearer communication that occurs more often. As a bonus, we’ve been able to accomplish other long-standing goals for our teams without additional costs or a new skill set to train. Instead of having another environment for our employees to upkeep, navigate to and get trained on, we’re able to keep our teams inside of the same environment where they spend a bulk of their time during the work day.

If you’re using ServiceNow every day, why rely on a third-party source for your employees to access relevant internal information?

Let our team show you how to move away from your existing intranet solution by utilizing the power within the ServiceNow platform. Contact us today to learn how we can reduce your reliance on a third-party solution and keep your employees well-informed!