ServiceNow application spotlight: Visual Task Boards

When your tasks pile up and you try to stay organized, how are you keeping track of your progress? Are you a traditional pen to paper note taker or do you use an online checklist? Either way works, but ServiceNow offers a great tool for staying on top of your day to day responsibilities.

Visual Task Boards transform the boring to-do list into an interactive and visually pleasing experience. They serve as a great tool for lengthy projects with multiple team members where organization is key. Tasks are displayed as cards which can be moved across different lanes to represent the status of that task. All changes are tracked in real-time, so your team is always up to date on where tasks stand.

Visual Task Boards can be created in three different layouts: Freeform, Flexible and Guided. Each layout has unique settings that cater to specific needs. For example, Guided boards are best for Project Managers who want to assign individual tasks to specific members of the project team.

Users can also configure their Visual Task Boards with swimlanes – a feature which simply allows you to have the option between a horizontal view or a vertical view, whichever one suits your taste.

While we continue to work from home amid COVID-19, staying productive and on top of everyday tasks can feel like a challenge from time to time. With the power of technology at our fingertips, ServiceNow helps turn what could be a 30-minute meeting into a one-stop, everything-you-need platform for staying on track.

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