Seniors and technology — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

While seniors continue to feel frustrated with their lack of understanding and utilization of technology, their screen time through TV, laptops, tablets and smartphones has increased to over four hours a day!

Have you ever seen a 12-year-old assisting their 70-year-old grandmother work the remote control, or show her how to navigate to Netflix? The challenge doesn’t come with owning technology — it comes with adopting it into their everyday life.

Because many companies have taken a top-down approach to technology, they have struggled to market their platforms and apps to adults 65 and over. With the world’s 65 plus population projected to hit 1 billion by 2030, technology companies have an incredible opportunity to get creative with specific designs and products for older adults.

To make this happen, a considerable amount of research will need to go into the design of technology.

Mary shares her thoughts below for this week’s Tech Watch on Women to Watch with Susan Rocco: