Say goodbye to manual reports with ServiceNow

ServiceNow brings you an easy-to-use and up-to-date platform that can automate all existing reporting features and welcome new benefits to your business. For a full break down of the basics, click here. 

ServiceNow supports having multiple reports on one page and creating a dashboard for a large-scale overview or a specific look into an area of your organization. The data is broken down into chunks, making it easier to digest.
If you’re still using a spreadsheet to create a report, then you know that as soon as it is sent, it immediately becomes old data. With ServiceNow, the data is always current and updated, keeping you up-to-date and away from old, irrelevant data.

The ServiceNow Reporting application allows you to control what information is contained in the report and how it is represented. Unlike traditional manual reporting, all reports made in ServiceNow are always kept up-to-date with no manual intervention. ServiceNow offers role- and group-based security for reports and dashboards. If you need to send a report to an external source, you can export reports in multiple formats, including .xlsx, .csv, .pdf and more.
Reports can also be scheduled for automatic generation and distribution at a weekly, monthly or yearly interval. For further information, watch this ServiceNow-provided video here.

With the option to select from a variety of formats, like lists, column/bar charts, time series, pie charts, etc., ServiceNow provides a large number of visualization options so you can select the best type of report that will meet your specific needs.

ServiceNow includes a range of baseline reports that provide data on applications and features like incident management and service catalog requests. You can also create your own reports and add reports to homepages and dashboards to share information across your organization.

If you’re tired of manual reporting and outdated spreadsheets, let us show you how ServiceNow’s reporting capabilities can make you more efficient and save you time.