Run your IT like a business with ServiceNow

If you work in IT, you’re no longer the ‘tech people’ who sit in the back of the office. In today’s advancing digital age, you are now the reason technology can be turned into a business advantage – driving company growth through capitalizing on benefits, reducing costs and increasing overall velocity.

Today, a big challenge the IT industry faces is that there isn’t enough time for innovation while managing operational demands. With ServiceNow, dividing time between the two will start to feel natural. To be an efficient business partner, you must run IT like a business and the first step towards IT transformation is through financial visibility.

In any business, staying within the company budget is always one of the biggest concerns. Your organization wants to prioritize investments to maximize value and accelerate cost reductions, but how? ServiceNow will help you measure what matters, such as service delivery costs. By examining the current state of IT organization, you can quickly identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

For example, you’d be able to see what services your company is spending the most on or how much money is being used towards activities irrelevant to business projects. Once your team is more on board with where budget spending is going, you can free up unnecessary resources and manage services more efficiently and effectively.

Let ServiceNow help monitor your finances and lead your organization towards a more innovative path. Our team at Pathways can help get you started. To schedule a ServiceNow demo, contact us here.