Roadmapping your investment with ServiceNow – Why is it important?


There will always be a desire to deliver value to your business. Why not execute on the potential to optimize that flow by building interconnections?

When you think of the term “Roadmapping” – some of you may wonder, “What does it really mean?”

Think of roadmapping as if it were the invisible barrier between you and your end goal that can help you achieve that status much more efficiently and with confidence. Say you purchased ServiceNow and implemented X amount, but you really bought Y amount. Now, you need a plan that will provide your organization the most ServiceNow has to offer that will also cost-effectively maintain business processes.

It’s incredibly difficult to really grasp everything ServiceNow has to offer because of their broad spectrum of areas.



Roadmapping will help you define what ServiceNow can do for you, and what will make the most sense. Even better – it can carve a little more room in your budget!

Say as the client, you know your end goal involves adding some form of automation into the process that will assist when an incident or problem is created for the server. You have an end goal established, but what if you don’t have a good, defined Configuration Management Database (CMDB) or Incident process? This is where the difference of roadmapping will come into effect.

When you have your first roadmapping session, this is where we will tell you that before doing anything involved with Incident, Problem or Change – you must make sure the core configurations of the platform are set up first. Otherwise, there would be business decisions made that would create the need for re-work, re-design and further conversations to make it right. Therefore, it’s important to consider the effect a good roadmapping session will have on your future projects. Consider it a method that will position you and your team in line with getting the most use and value of the ServiceNow platform – setting you up for success.

Our clients at Pathways are our biggest asset, therefore we work to provide a solution that will best fit your needs. With a ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach, we help set up our clients for success, helping them realize what they need first before achieving their end goal.

“We’re here to give you as much value in the platform as we can,” said Pathways Delivery Manager James Trott. “When you have these conversations, that’s when you want us involved because we can map that out for you.”

Could your organization use a roadmapping session for your IT-related needs? Our team of Certified Implementation Specialists are dedicated to a variety of areas to be able to provide you with an answer to any possible ServiceNow-related question you may have. If you are interested in finding out what ServiceNow solution will work best for you, contact a member of our team here.