Removing the Mundane — Women to Watch – Tech Watch

In a ServiceNow article sharing the results from a survey given to 2001 American office workers, it revealed that 58% wished their work was more meaningful. Mary was intrigued by these results and wanted to share her input.

Mundane work leaves employees feeling like they’re wasting their time, unmotivated, stressed, frustrated and not living up to their potential. Imagine if you could automate a request for these two things and your request automatically was received by the right individual in your company that handles these issues instead of you trying to figure it out all by yourself.

When automation can handle up to 45 percent of repetitive work, it gives workers time for more higher-value tasks such as problem-solving, finding solutions and developing new ideas.

Tune in below to hear the rest of Mary’s thoughts as part of her weekly Tech Watch segment on Women to Watch with Sue Rocco.