Project Portfolio Management in ServiceNow: The benefits you should be leveraging

When  you think of project management, you probably think of Microsoft Project. However, if you’re a ServiceNow user, you might want to take a look at the powerful PPM suite inside of the platform — the benefits may surprise you!

For starters, you can import MS Project files directly into Project Management, so migrating from one system to another is only a few clicks away. And, depending on your process, you can keep the entire lifecycle of the Project inside of ServiceNow: From an Idea to a Demand and finally to a Project, these items (and any associated documentation and approvals) will automatically have a relationship in ServiceNow to help keep your Project organized. No more sifting through emails or IM logs trying to find what you’re looking for!

Perhaps one of the biggest draws of utilizing the PPM suite within ServiceNow is all of the data you’ll have available — and we’re not just talking about reports!  You can assign resources to projects, including setting up resource plans, which leads to more data around a team’s utilization and can help with forecasting future staffing needs. You can tie in financial data to not only the Project itself, but also to individual project tasks and line items.

Plus, you can keep your executives happy and informed with powerful reporting and dashboards — including a highly-visible PPM Workbench — which allows for selecting targets, projects, budgeting and forecasting.  Plus, it’s a cinch to add easily-configured reports, charts, gauges and other widgets to these dashboards, allowing you and your entire organization to have insight to the data that drives your business. Did we mention that all of these reports are updated in real-time — and they’re fully interactive?

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