Mary Manzo discusses the changing landscape of technology in the education sector

On this week’s Women to Watch, Mary Manzo discusses how the future of education and learning is ever-evolving through the use of technology.

Educators are rethinking the way students learn by focusing on redesigning education and utilizing technology to do it. The teaching model will become more virtual and cloud based, and some of it is already taking place in schools such as Temple University, Penn State and Southern New Hampshire University.

For example, teachers are utilizing cloud-based technology to replace textbooks and homework submission methods so that students are always prepared and on task. The whole, “my dog ate my homework” will be a phrase of the past!

For college students, technology has already been introduced in the form of laptops and other virtual resources for quite some time now. Now, online learning for major universities will allow many students who cannot afford to attend in person to attend virtually.

These changes provoke a wide variety of controversies like too much screen time or too many distractions, but it is the direction we are now headed in.

Could this be beneficial? Tune in below to find out more:

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