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Mary Manzo named Inc Magazine’s Best CEO of 2023

Mary Manzo, the CEO of Pathways Consulting Group, has been named one of Inc Magazine’s Best CEO’s of 2023. Her path and contributions to the IT industry have propelled her to the leadership of one of the principal ServiceNow consulting firms.

Innovation and adaptability

Manzo’s career spans the past 35 years and is marked by innovation and adaptability. Her journey began with document automation processes as a student, foreshadowing the path she would follow later. Over the years, she became the CEO of Pathways Consulting Group, a top-tier consulting firm renowned for its expertise as a ServiceNow Elite Partner.

Under Manzo’s leadership, Pathways has achieved remarkable success. The organization has solidified its position as a leading provider of ServiceNow solutions, consistently surpassing operational and sales goals. This achievement is a testament to Manzo’s ability to drive innovation and excellence within her organization.

Innovation and diversity

At the core of Manzo’s leadership ethos is her commitment to innovation and diversity. She has created an environment at Pathways that fosters continuous professional growth and embraces change. Manzo understands the impact of diverse perspectives on business dynamics, and she actively uses this diversity to reach her goals and drive the organization forward.

As CEO of a woman-owned business and an advocate for women in technology, Manzo recognizes the vital role multiple viewpoints play in shaping the technology of tomorrow. She believes inclusivity and diversity are not just values to uphold but strategic imperatives to drive success.

Embracing opportunities 

Upon being named one of Inc Magazine’s Best CEOs of 2023, Manzo expressed her gratitude and desire to leave a lasting, positive impact. “I believe in helping people achieve their aspirations and improving lives. My journey has been one of seizing opportunities and embracing the unexpected, and I encourage others to do the same,” she stated.

Pathways’ success is a testament to Manzo’s unique approach to leadership, characterized by a commitment to collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity. Her emphasis on diverse viewpoints matches her goal of shaping a more inclusive business landscape.

Shaping the future

Manzo’s success underscores the role of visionary leadership in shaping the future of businesses across industries. Pathways meets these needs and more, from providing custom training, ServiceNow support, and Co-Innovation to their original offers as an implementation partner. Manzo’s leadership encourages others to embrace innovation, champion diversity, and fearlessly reach for opportunities.

Mary Manzo’s impact extends beyond the boundaries of her organization. Her recognition by Inc Magazine is a testament to her leadership and the influence she wields in the industry. She is a catalyst for positive change in the tech industry, where innovation and inclusivity are driving forces. 

Manzo’s relentless pursuit of innovation, commitment to diversity, and willingness to seize opportunities set her apart as a CEO. Pathways’ track record shows that this honor is well-deserved, and we eagerly anticipate the impact Manzo will continue to make in the tech industry in the years to come.

To learn more about Mary Manzo’s incredible journey and her leadership at Pathways Consulting Group, you can read the full feature in Inc Magazine. For further insights into Pathways Consulting Group’s services as a ServiceNow Elite Partner, give us a call at 917-952-5004.

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