Mary Manzo asks if 21st Century learning can help close technology’s widening gender gap.

As part of her Tech Watch segment on Women to Watch with Susan Rocco, Mary Manzo has dedicated the past few weeks to discussing the lack of women in the technology industry and what steps could be taken to close the gender gap.

In this past Sunday’s segment, Mary explains how she was bothered by the belief that boys and girls are wired differently and because of this, boys will excel in technology education. As a successful woman in tech, she refused to believe it.

After performing some research, Mary found through 21 century learning the approach to the information age is revolutionizing the way boys and girls learn starting in preschool through 12th grade. The focus is on the skills necessary to succeed in future jobs.

When 21st century learning was being formed, business leaders were asked what skills the future employee would need, their response was employees will need to think critically and creatively, collaborate with others, solve problems, lead, and make decisions therefore, 21 Century core focus is on Learning, Literacy and Life.

Now add STEM learning to 21st century learning. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Across the country, elementary schools are incorporating computer science and STEM learning at the preschool age and up without any gender bias.

The way students are being taught at a very early age is much different than the way we were taught and takes the future of work into consideration and eliminates gender bias…as example, the new new new math… it’s taught in such a way that it doesn’t matter how a boy or girl is wired.

What are your thoughts? Tune in for Mary’s segment below:


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