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Protect your data and stay compliant with Certify’s repeatable, reproducible process. Audit logging capabilities allow you to look in one place to find certification records, logs and access levels. Certify provides an automated, efficient solution for easy access and full transparency for the end-to-end certification process.

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  • Simplified compliance standards
  • Transformative data integration
  • Effortless compliance
  • Centralized document management
  • Flexible customizations
  • Future-proofed security compliance

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Leave disjointed, time-consuming processes in the past with this streamlined, intuitive platform. OSCAL NOW leverages the power of ServiceNow to provide a seamless user experience. Available in the ServiceNow app store, OSCAL NOW automatically integrates with your current ServiceNow environment to become an integral part of your SSP workflow. This app harnesses the capabilities of the ServiceNow platform to automatically compile the majority of the required information, reducing your SSP creation time from weeks to hours.

Pathways Consulting Group Innovation

The innovation lab at Pathways is always buzzing with new ideas. Interested in eliminating permission spreadsheets for good? Learn about streamlining your audits with our Certify application, also available in the ServiceNow app store.

“Certify is easy to use, fast and our one-stop shop for access. It has helped us create internal efficiencies, reduce cost, drive business process agility and improve customer service.”
Executive Vice President
Major Healthcare Provider