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Discover the power of Certify Plus NOW, blending the robust ServiceNow platform with the innovation of Certify. Our application transforms the internal audit process from a labor-intensive chore to a streamlined, automated operation.

Simplify, standardize, and save

Certify Plus NOW isn’t just about running audits – it’s about redefining them. This application makes sure your organization stays compliant without the grind, integrated seamlessly with the ServiceNow platform to offer:

  • Efficiency and cost savings
    • Save up to $100,000 on licensing and process fees
    • Automated notifications
    • Easy-to-read dashboards and reporting
  • Complete audit control
    • Handle audits from a single place
    • Automate identity access controls
    • Accurate audit trails
    • Automated tracking and prompting
    • Easily verify access revokes
  • Advanced features for in-depth management
    • Eliminate access review functions
    • Configurable access review
    • Simplify parent-child reporting
    • Consultant contract tracking
    • Define entitlement owners

Your time matters. Take it back with Certify Plus NOW.

Integrate Certify Plus NOW directly into your daily operations. This tool meshes perfectly with your existing ServiceNow workflow, allowing you to collaborate, communicate, and coordinate seamlessly. 

Get in touch with our team today for a free demo, and see firsthand how Certify Plus NOW can save you time, money, and effort.

“Certify is easy to use, fast and our one-stop shop for access. It has helped us create internal efficiencies, reduce cost, drive business process agility and improve customer service.”
Executive Vice President
Major Healthcare Provider