Less stress = more productivity. Why we value time to unwind.

In the IT world, you can be sitting at your desk or on a client call for hours on end. There is always a pressure to stay on your toes and remain on a constant cycle of focus.

It’s common to experience that burnt-out feeling where you just need a break – whether it’s been working on deliverables or working with a client all morning, taking 15 minutes to engage in some kind of unrelated activity can really help give you that extra needed boost.

At Pathways, we care about our clients and the service that is provided to them. By giving employees a space to relax, they can come back to their work refreshed and energized, providing their client with their full attention and best effort.

Our employee lounge is a space that allows team members to brainstorm productively in an informal setting, have a place to socialize during the day, play games, relax on a bean bag chair, and just de-stress. The vintage video games are an employee favorite.

Ken Lin, co-founder and CEO of Credit Karma, has said that playing video games in the office can provide that mental stimulation the brain needs to continue the day productively. He says video games are a fun way to decompress because most can be played in under 10-minute increments. Any break, even if just a few minutes away from your desk, is helpful to get your circulation flowing and improve concentration.

The overall vibe in the employee lounge is a place for laughter, fun and a reminder that work doesn’t have to be all about stress. This space provides the solutions employees need to help break up their day and avoid the sense of monotony.

According to a study from National Geographic, a good belly laugh can release a burst of endorphins which triggers a positive feeling in the body while also engaging more creative flow and food for the brain.

In the lounge there is an assortment of stress-relieving resources – like bean bag chairs, video games, mini golf, snacks and board games. A positive and happy environment in our office is what we believe caters to the proficient level of service our clients receive from our team. 

When one of our team members needs to take a call or tune in to a meeting, it was reported that our bean bag chairs provided that necessary comfort needed to recharge and take a break from those long hours behind a desk.

The idea of taking a break to engage in 20 minutes of gameplay may come off as promoting laziness or distractions, but in reality, this could help turn the workplace into an environment that keeps employees excited for work. When our employees have the capability to re-energize and refresh throughout the day, they have the opportunity to put their best foot forward and provide our client with the best service possible.

What do you do at work to re-energize throughout the day? Whether it’s engaging in a puzzle, playing a few rounds of Pacman or taking a 15-minute stroll outside, taking some time away from the computer can do better than you would think.