Keep documents at your fingertips with ServiceNow’s Knowledge Management application

Would you prefer to use a Service Portal that allows customers and employees find quick solutions that boost satisfaction and come at a lower cost than a third-party solution?

When customers and employees run into an issue, many find it more convenient to find the answer themselves rather than rely on customer service or an internal helpdesk. ServiceNow’s Knowledge Management application provides an easy-to-use solution that incorporates knowledge creation and ongoing improvements into everyday work.

This baseline feature combines powerful workflow and publishing tools to let people search for and create knowledge content while simultaneously resolving issues. You will also find an increase in user satisfaction with answers that provide consistent, certified resolutions for customers and employees that are documented and stored for reference. This application can also promote knowledge sharing, which will boost company-wide crowdsourcing to eliminate information gaps. For a full break down of features within Knowledge Management, click here.

When resolving or deflecting cases, new knowledge can be incorporated to address business needs, giving you more time to get other important work done. With the help of our team of expert developers at Pathways, we can help provide these benefits to help save time and boost productivity in your workplace. To find out more, click here to schedule a demo with one of our developers.