Improved in Madrid: New Agent Workspace

New Agent Workspace is re-introduced with new and updated features in the Madrid release that improve upon workspaces even more for fast and proactive issue resolution.

Some of these new features include:
– A multi-tab interface for users to efficiently manage multiple incidents or cases at once
– Real-time handling of calls and chats via an Interaction Management System
– Task resolution assistance via Agent Assist

Showcased during Knowledge18, clients felt that platforms like ITSM and CSM were a great fit for this feature due to the fact that the new UI allows users to have anything at their fingertips – Incidents, Knowledge Articles, user information, etc.

This is a great feature for agents who need to do everything in an all-in-one, concise view. With the multi-tab interface, they have the ability to switch between tabs and have access to knowledge, attachments and other things provided for them. New Agent Workspace is always updated in real time, which helps agents resolve incidents at a much quicker pace.

New Agent Workspace delivers additional benefits if you have the CSM or ITSM Pro packages installed. Agent assist allows SN AI to categorize, prioritize and correctly assign incidents and cases based off historical data.

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