How Certify Plus NOW Helps Reduce Risks

In today’s dynamic IT environment, change is inevitable, which can lead to unaccounted-for shifts to your IT infrastructure. Determining the extent of risk associated with these changes is often a significant challenge, and with inaccurate risk assessments comes misguided decision-making. Is your organization able to respond to business risks in real-time? If not, Pathways Consulting Group can help. 

At Pathways, we utilize an innovative audit solution to transform the way you think about risk management. Halt inefficient processes and manual workarounds, complete assessments and attestations, and easily handle issues, remediations, and response task information across your enterprise with Certify Plus NOW. Continue reading to learn more about how Certify Plus NOW can help reduce risk within your organization.  

Reduce risk with an audit solution designed to work for your business

Given the multi-user nature of today’s businesses, all organizations need a solution that guarantees effectively managed and highly regulated access control across the entire enterprise. If you find common challenges like flawed or inaccurate risk assessments that lead to ill-advised decision-making, managing multiple processes, people, and parts of your organization becomes tedious, or managing numerous low-risk changes is time-consuming and complex, this is where Certify Plus NOW really shines. Certify provides a simplified, structured approach to Access Certification and improves the labor-intensive manual audit processes. Built on NOW, compliance controls and workflows make it easy to ensure that the right people have the right access to the right information at the right time.

With Certify Plus NOW, readily analyze access risk across all business applications throughout your organization. With Pathways and our valuable audit software, you can feel confident we’ll help you manage change impact better and mitigate risks. 

Certify Plus NOW begins delivering value on day one. Enjoy a slew of additional benefits, including the following: 

  • Reduce errors
  • Quickly adapt to compliance changes
  • Enable collaboration
  • Provide more significant risk management
  • Deliver Transparency
  • Improve labor-intensive manual audit processes
  • Save time
  • Slash audit costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Ensure software license compliance

Benefits of Certify Plus NOW risk management 

Through continuous monitoring and automation, Certify Plus NOW delivers a real-time view of compliance and risk, improves decision-making, and increases performance with clients; all for a more cost-effective, easier-to-use solution than the competitors. You will also enjoy the following: 

  • Quickly respond to business risks in real-time and manage policy compliance, audits, vendor and third-party risk, and more
  • Audits from one location with unified information
  • Increased productivity of IT teams
  • Automated access controls and always be audit-ready
  • Automated notifications and report generation
  • Minimized risks of business-affecting disruptions 
  • Automatically load entitlements
  • Produces a single source of truth
  • Reduced costs of change due to minimizing change-related issues
  • Configurable access review
  • Compliance
  • Easy-to-read dashboards with reporting
  • An audit trail
  • Automated tracking and promoting
  • Streamlined workflow

Pathways Consulting Group’s audit software helps reduce risks 

Pathways makes it easy to always be audit ready with the Certify app. Say goodbye to complex integrations, reporting, and controls and farewell to costly solutions with Certify. With the Certify ServiceNow integration, you can consolidate into one platform, maintain your organization’s security, and keep your auditors happy with automated user access control technology and managed approvals. To learn more about Certify, contact our team at 917-952-5004.