Free ServiceNow CMDB Health Analysis & Report

We are currently offering a free CMDB Health Analysis and Report ($3K value) to a limited number of ServiceNow customers using CMDB. As part of this effort a Pathways CMDB expert will evaluate your production CMDB’s current readiness to support IT Service Management. They will:

  • Review the CMDB for accuracy and correctness
  • Look at the fidelity and resolution of base classes of CI’s such as Windows Servers
  • Review the current status of your integrations and data sources
  • Examine your Discovery infrastructure
  • Evaluate MID Server configurations, performance and efficiency
  • Lots more

Also included is a session with one of our Certified ServiceNow ITOM Discovery and CMDB experts to review the results of the analysis, findings and recommendations as well as answer your ITOM questions.

A Healthy CMDB for ServiceNow Success

Correct, Complete, Compliant.

A well-configured CMDB will save significant costs and improve business outcomes. It will:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Create and maintain agility
  • Reduce risk 
  • Support effective service management
700 successful deployments
  • Delivering Value for Over a Decade
  • 700 Successful Deployments
  • 5/5 Customer Satisfaction Score



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$3K Value

“Thanks to Pathways we now have a complete, correct CMDB – and one that stays that way. We are more efficient, have reduced risk, improved incident management and MTTR, and have improved our ability to serve the business.”
– CIO, Major Financial Services Firm