Certify: The solution to regulatory audits

Is your business struggling to keep up the constant-changing format of audit requirements? Are you trying to create a quick, automated way to track audits, but keep failing?

To get the ball rolling, here are some repercussions if you fail an audit:

  • You Could be Sued: Data breaches can result in not only vital data being stolen, but a hefty lawsuit on top of that. Big businesses have had to pay out millions in lawsuits. What would happen to your business? Could you afford the fines?
  • Internal Costs: If you fail an audit, you now have to take the time to locate where the mistakes have occurred and where your business is vulnerable. This requires you to invest the time and the heavy out-of-pocket expense to find out what had happened and how it can be fixed.
  • Lost Reputation: If you fail an audit and don’t address the issue, this could cost your business a large portion of your clientele and may take years to rebuild.

Introducing: Certify from Pathways!

Our solution to help your team avoid the error-prone, laborious and insufficient manual certification process of your critical application that occurs during audit.

With Certify, your ServiceNow platform is leveraged so all of your audit materials are automatically logged and kept in compliance with the regulations your organization needs to follow to identify access management of your applications. Not only will you no longer have to chase down emails or other information outside of the system, but you will also be able to keep all relevant information in one location for easy access.

Certify will save you time, allowing you to focus your attention on other business needs and future innovations.

Does Certify sound like a benefit your team could use? Let Pathways help!
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