Certify Enables Companies To Save Money By Simplifying The Audit Process

Pathways Consulting Group offers Certify, a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the audit process, driving unprecedented efficiency and precision in Identity Access Management and manual auditing tasks. 

Existing ServiceNow customers can save time and money by utilizing Pathways’ innovative Certify application. This affordable app is easy to use and easier to access on the ServiceNow store. 

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner serving national and international enterprises, Pathways Consulting Group focuses on harnessing technology to create digital solutions that enhance core business processes, exemplified by the innovative approach they have taken with Certify. Auditing can be a complex and time-consuming process, but its necessity calls for innovations to enhance efficiency and profitability. 

“Coming out of the pandemic, so many businesses encountered new challenges and it became apparent they would have to look for new, innovative ways to solve problems by leveraging resources differently, optimizing processes quicker, and identifying more cost-effective ways to run their business. That’s where the idea for Certify was born. We saw how automation has worked for businesses in the past and decided to take it one step further with Certify. If your goal is to reduce cost, why have two platforms?  With Certify, Business, Auditor, CISO, and IT-friendly resources can create internal efficiencies, reduce license costs, drive business process agility, and improve customer service,” said Pathways Consulting Group’s CEO, Mary Manzo. 

What Is Certify?

Certify isn’t just a conventional application – it’s the ultimate identity access control solution from the ServiceNow platform. For users who already know and love the ServiceNow platform, Certify seamlessly integrates into their operations, providing a streamlined, structured approach to Access Certification and the labor-intensive audit process. The application’s accessibility on the ServiceNow store ensures an effortless adoption process. 

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About Pathways Consulting Group

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