Service Portal: Asking Questions

If you have a question to ask, you don’t have to send an email or an IM — you can use the Community section on the Service Portal! This ServiceNow module allows any user to ask a question and lets other users in the system respond. Watch our video to learn how streamlined the process is:  

Service Portal: Knowledge Base

ServiceNow’s Knowledge Base can be leveraged for all users from the Service Portal. Your organization will be able to showcase relevant documents and FAQs from the Service Portal — learn more by watching our video:

Service Portal: How to Submit an Incident

Give your employees the power to open their own Incident tickets by utilizing ServiceNow’s Service Portal. After filling out a simple form, your Service Desk will be able to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Service Portal: How to Submit a Request

ServiceNow’s Service Portal makes submitting requests simple. Follow along with us as we walk through the basic process of opening a request in the Service Portal:

Asking Questions in ServiceNow

If you have a question about something that your Knowledge Base doesn’t answer, then ask a question in ServiceNow for others to answer!  

Creating Custom Queries

When using ServiceNow, do you want to customize the content in your list view? Follow along with the video and we’ll show you how to create a custom filter and save it for later use!