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Your digital footprint — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

Everything you do online leaves a trail of breadcrumbs called a digital footprint. Your digital footprint is permanent, and when compiled, builds a pr ...

Millennial Moms and Technology — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

90% of new moms are Millennials who use social media for baby advice and research — but all this may be information overload. Tune in to hear Ma ...

Service Portal: Asking Questions

If you have a question to ask, you don’t have to send an email or an IM — you can use the Community section on the Service Portal! This Se ...

Service Portal: Knowledge Base

ServiceNow’s Knowledge Base can be leveraged for all users from the Service Portal. Your organization will be able to showcase relevant document ...

Service Portal: How to Submit an Incident

Give your employees the power to open their own Incident tickets by utilizing ServiceNow’s Service Portal. After filling out a simple form, your ...

Service Portal: Viewing Request Statuses

Once you’ve submitted a Request from the ServicePortal, you’ll want to keep track of it. Watch our video to learn how:

Service Portal: How to Submit a Request

ServiceNow’s Service Portal makes submitting requests simple. Follow along with us as we walk through the basic process of opening a request in ...

Asking Questions in ServiceNow

If you have a question about something that your Knowledge Base doesn’t answer, then ask a question in ServiceNow for others to answer!  

Using Dashboards and Overview pages in ServiceNow

Dashboards, Homepages and Overview pages are fully-interactive and highly useful modules in ServiceNow. Learn how to leverage the power of these pages ...

Creating Custom Queries

When using ServiceNow, do you want to customize the content in your list view? Follow along with the video and we’ll show you how to create a cu ...

TrainingPath: Field Types and Usage

Whether you’re submitting requests or fulfilling them, ServiceNow has consistent field types that you’ll use across the platform. This con ...

TrainingPath: Using the Knowledge Base

ServiceNow’s Knowledge Base is incredibly versatile and can help your teams resolve issues without opening a ticket. Find out more by watching o ...

TrainingPath: Submitting Incidents

Submitting Incident tickets inside of ServiceNow might be difficult to understand for a newcomer to the system. Watch our video to get you started on ...

TrainingPath: Fields Types and Usage

If you’re new to ServiceNow or just need a quick refresher on the various types of fields in the system, let our walkthrough help you out:

TrainingPath: How to Submit a Request

This week, we’ll walk you through submitting a Request inside of ServiceNow:

TrainingPath: Header Use

The Header section in ServiceNow has a multitude of powerful settings. Find out how to utilize these features by watching the video below:

TrainingPath: List View Customizations

Did you know you could modify a list view to show only the information you needed to see? Let us walk you through the process; click on the video to s ...

TrainingPath: Navigator Use

In our inaugural ServiceNow training video, Pathways will walk you through the basics of using the Application Navigator.

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