How to easily identify duplicate records in ServiceNow

When it comes to data management, maintaining clean and accurate records is one of your top priorities. It’s not unusual for organizations to run into issues with duplicate records – either from inefficient record keeping or duplicate workflows.  A common need within ServiceNow is to identify duplicate records, according to a set of arbitrary criteria. […]

How to restore deleted records in ServiceNow

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Accidentally deleting records in your ServiceNow environment can be, in a word, stressful. However, the good news is that those “deleted” records are not entirely lost. Instead, they are typically moved from their original table and recorded as deleted elsewhere in the system. Just like most systems have a trash folder, ServiceNow does as well. […]

Accessing multi-row variables set client side in ServiceNow

The NOW You Know series, created by ServiceNow developers for ServiceNow developers, aims to provide valuable insights and practical tips. In this blog, we will explore multi-row variable sets (MRVS), which were introduced in the London release. A MRVS makes it easier to collect and manage complex data sets. As a result, the data can […]

ATF: Step Configuration to Find Assigned To Value

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In many workflows, someone is often assigned to carry out a task or request. In this article, we will discuss setting up a custom step configuration that will allow a user to obtain the Assigned To value of a given record. The user will input a table name and record ID. The record will be […]

Creating a new Theme in the Next Experience UI

Themes in the new Next Experience UI are made up of UX Styles and UX Theme records. In order to style a theme, you first want to create the UX style record that contains the CSS properties you want to include in the theme. In our case we will just be changing the banner on […]

ATF: Setting Up a Custom Step Configuration to Query a Manager


ServiceNow’s Automated Testing Framework (ATF) application is a powerful tool with much to offer to users looking to create automated tests. We often find ourselves taking the same steps across several tests that would not necessarily warrant the use of a template. For example, there are many instances where a manager’s approval or action is […]

The value of ServiceNow database views

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Background Note: This article is concerned with ServiceNow database views, which are, in baseline implementations, only available for configuration by ServiceNow administrators. ServiceNow is built to be dependent on database tables to capture and store data. ServiceNow reporting helps make sense of this data. Reporting on existing tables, without having to delve into some advanced […]

ATF tips: Time inputs for calendar fields and wait times

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If you’re using the Automated Test Framework in ServiceNow, our team has identified some helpful scripts and step setups to accommodate automatic adjustments to date fields and wait times.   Type of Script/Step Setup: Automatically adjusts date fields on any form. This can be used to set the Planed Start Date and Planned End Date […]

Adding values to a list field from a flow

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Adding values to a list field from a flow Adding values to a list field from a flow can be a little tricky. Here is an easy way to add new values without removing existing ones (if necessary), from a flow! The list field I’m using here is called Infrastructure Request and I will be […]