Boosting IT innovation speed with Pathways and ServiceNow

Do you need a boost?

As a business, we know that your team aims to operate as efficiently as possible without spending too much over budget. We also know that a common goal is to improve innovation speed to digitally transform IT services. However, how can you achieve expected results when the budget only covers initial IT investments?

Instead of using the entirety of our IT budget to resolve issues, we can help you save time and put money into the right places – which will introduce innovation that will create items to help your business.

If your IT staff is firefighting, this could result in a lack of innovation speed and scale. Relying on multiple point tools forces your staff to manually route and categorize incidents, consuming the time that could instead be directed towards solving challenges and boosting innovation.

With Pathways Business Analysts, we can work with your team to identify how to broaden your IT application portfolio onto a more extensible, scalable platform that avoids having to invest in expensive and complex integrations and hardware.

The ServiceNow platform can drive new efficiencies with automation while digitally transforming IT services without affecting your budget.

According to a Forrester’s TEI Study, on average, ServiceNow customers can save over $3M through automation.

What could this mean for your team? Let Pathways help! You can email us at for more information.