Boost your customer satisfaction with Agent Intelligence from ServiceNow

With Agent Intelligence from ServiceNow London, machine learning properties will automatically categorize and route reported issues.

This application is enabled to handle higher volumes of incoming requests at lower costs. Through automation, this feature is able to categorize and assign requests that will in turn gain these benefits:

• Reduce task resolution times.
• Reduce the number of interactions required to resolve tasks.
• Reduce the error rates of categorizing and assigning work.

Agent Intelligence will also increase agent efficiency, which will then decrease the time spent towards a resolution. By automatically categorizing these incidents based on the requester’s explanation, Agent Intelligence is able to monitor requests and then learn from the patterns. This makes the feature significantly more accurate in its predictive recommendations.

By correctly categorizing incidents and reports, this will also give your company’s CSAT score a good boost, leaving clients with both a quick response and a solution to their problem.

Say you are a HR representative and are looking for a faster way to create HR Service Delivery-specific solutions. Agent Intelligence can analyze HR Case Categorization and short description of the incident provided by the user, which will then predict what HR service needs to be performed.

In a recent article from CIO it was found that front-line customer support functions spend up to 12% of their time categorizing, prioritizing, and assigning tickets. 43% of IT service desk respondents are also weighed down by having to choose from 100+ assignment groups — with nearly a quarter needing to choose from 300+ assignment groups.

Allow our team at Pathways introduce the benefits Agent Intelligence will provide to both you, your team and your users. This feature is a great example of how machine learning continues to make everyday work completed faster, smarter and for our leisure. To learn more, click here to schedule a demo with one of our ServiceNow experts.