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Adjust Your Processes to Improve Workflow

What is ESM?

What is Enterprise Service Management, and why should you implement it across your organization? Often referred to as ESM, it is gaining substantial traction across several industries because of its ability to extend and improve collaboration between service departments and business teams like human resources, legal, marketing, IT, and finance. Below, the team at Pathways Consulting Group highlights how improving workflow with ESM can benefit your organization.

Enterprise Service Management, or ESM, is the extension of IT Service Management principles, synthesizing several key areas beyond information technology. Enterprise managed services can include anything from HR to facilities management to legal requirements. ESM is often policy-driven and involves your organization’s overall strategy and service offering. With a successful ESM process in place, it can enable better service delivery across the entire enterprise, making clients and customers happy by providing quality end-to-end services.

Improving workflow with ESM

As more organizations embark on digital transformations and continually evolve to meet the newest standards, gaps between service departments and business teams become clearer. When you utilize the ServiceNow platform and the Enterprise Service Management solutions from Pathways Consulting Group, your business can build on its IT workflows to better manage service demand and delivery. Here are several ways ESM enables digital transformation for your workplace:

ESM breaks down internal silos.

Regardless of the industry, onboarding a new employee takes time and involves several departments, like IT and HR, to work together. This is typically an extremely manual and error-prone process. ESM pushes the people aspect of service management through an orchestrated approach, enabling a consistent and automated workflow so the new employee is quickly and effortlessly established into your system. Not only does this make the job of the departments involved in the onboarding process more straightforward, but it also provides an excellent first-day employee experience.

ESM improves workflows and collaborations.

ESM lets teams across an organization join forces and collaborate more effectively. It acts as the go-to service point for numerous departments, centralizing requests, enhancing productivity, and allowing end-users to be more efficient and effective in day-to-day operations. Once collaboration becomes easier among team members, you will find tasks, workflows, and knowledge are shared more across the entire organization.

ESM uses automation to drive efficiency.

Often departments throughout an organization are working independently from each other, and there is little visibility into the day-to-day of what each one contributes to the company. ESM helps organizations bring their processes together and offer and articulate their services in a consistent way through a single, harmonious space that is accessible to everyone 24/7. When all departments work together, everyone can see progress, preventing unnecessary obstacles and wasted time.

Why partner with Pathways Consulting Group and our Enterprise Service Management services?

At Pathways Consulting Group, we help organizations build and improve their Enterprise Service Management workflows and processes. By leveraging the ServiceNow platform and our team of experts, we can help increase profitability by aligning your current work to a streamlined, workflow-driven process—quickly and painlessly! Let us ensure today’s changes will help build toward the vision of your future ESM practice when you connect with our team.