A strong culture is critical now more than ever — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

As a business owner, Mary has been in contact with several organizations, observing a variety of behaviors. As the world continues to battle the lifestyle changes from COVID-19, she realizes that a strong and positive company culture is crucial to have in place now more than ever.

If employees are under too much pressure and overall company morale is low, this will influence negative behavior and low-quality performance. Innovation and creativity can also turn stagnant, which could significantly impact projects and other client work.

In order to grow and scale successfully as a company, the culture that you instill across your organization is critical. A culture that leaves your teams feeling motivated, energetic and happy will greatly benefit your business, your clients and the health of your employees.

If you feel your organization is struggling, don’t worry – it’s not too late to act and evaluate the health of your team and determine whether your culture is strong enough to take you through this time.

Mary shares how Pathways has taken the importance of culture into action on this week’s Tech Watch on Women to Watch with Sue Rocco. Check it out below!



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