A letter from our COO

On behalf of Mary Manzo:

“To my Pathways Team, Friends and Colleagues –

Thank you for making this past Saturdays Walk to Defeat ALS, Syracuse, NY Chapter such a success!

Team Manzo raised over 14K along with so many other teams that were present for this unbelievable heartwarming event.

Overall the fundraiser finished at over 116K.   Absolutely incredible!!!

With no cure in sight, individuals like my brother Jeff face their future head on preparing themselves for the next phase of this debilitating disease.  This week he will learn from therapists what to do when he loses his ability to swallow and they will prepare his wheel chair to brace his neck when he no longer can hold his head up.  In the meantime, he continues to look for clinical trials and does as much research as he can to prepare for what’s next.

Your contributions to ALS go a long way for folks like Jeff and their families.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all who took the time to graciously consider it and contribute.

Kindest regards,