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A career in technology, without the ‘tech’ — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

When landing her first job, Mary was hired to create a process in a law firm that would enable all repeatable documents to become nothing more than fill in the blank templates.

Mary had no idea she was simultaneously gaining an experience with business process design. She had a niche for it and really enjoyed it! She felt she was transforming the business to run more efficiently while making a great contribution towards the improvement of IT operations.

There is a misconception that in order to work in the IT industry, you must be a coder or developer. The IT world includes a multitude of roles not on the development spectrum – like business analysts, program coordinators, quality testers, project managers.

When considering and discussing technology as a career path with young girls, it’s important that we have girls who code, but what’s equally important are all the other roles and careers that make up the world of technology.

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