Unloading a performance analytics report dashboard

As many may be aware, there are extra steps that need to be carried out in order to promote anything relating to content management and in some cases performance analytics. Performance analytics dashboards are common sources of pain during promotions usually due to missed dashboards or Portal pages.

Consider this – you have created a performance analytics report dashboard and are looking to promote this to a higher environment. You have created several tabs each with specific report instances. Capturing these updates is not quite as straightforward as you might think – please observe the following steps:

1) First, you must unload the tabs individually into your update set. Navigate to “Homepage Admin” application menu, and click “Pages.” Locate your tabs. For each tab on this list, right click and click “Unload Portal Page.”

2) Next, click into one of your tabs. You will need to add the related list “Grid Canvas” to your form view. After doing this, right click the grid canvas record in the related list and click “Unload Canvas Page.” This process will again need to be repeated for every tab on your dashboard, unfortunately, but it is a good method for ensuring your updates are correctly captured.

That is it. Unloading the canvas page is what really adds your PA report sources to your update set for promotion. This piece cannot be successfully ripped out via XML and must be promoted in this fashion.