Mary is the CEO at Pathways. Her central purpose is leading delivery and overseeing HR, but she also plays a significant role in driving strategy for the organization, an area she excels at. She loves getting people excited about the things she’s excited about. Not only known for her impressive accomplishments at Pathways, but Mary is also a pioneer for women in business and acts as a mentor for female entrepreneurs everywhere. Mary is excited about the new opportunities the company will go to market with and the future growth of the organization.

Her most cherished memory at Pathways was the day she and her business partner and founder, Jeff Giovinazzo, sat down with a paper placemat and drew out the vision they had for the company. Someday, Manzo believes they’ll find that placemat and frame it. Fast forward years later, she reflects on all the highs and lows throughout her entrepreneurial career and every day learns from them to become a better leader.

In her free time, Mary enjoys spending time with her family. She treasures the time with her grandchildren, who bring so much joy to her life.

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